Where Art meets business

Structural Art

Step into the lobby and in an instance you will be transported to a world not far from museums and art galleries. Iconic forms of art that visually enhance space and create a realm of imagination in the lobby. These reflect the business aspirations and create a sense of corporate identity, setting a positive yet elegant ambience and tone. The use of light and interactivity is carefully chosen to complement the art and to make a power statement.

Permanent Art Installations

Art Guild House will house inspirational permanent art installations. These installations would showcase work of Indian Contemporary Artists. Appealingly installed, these objects d'art transform the space in to an evocative masterpiece and give a different perspective every time it’s being looked at.

Dynamic Art Walk

The Art Guild House would curate diverse art exhibitions showcasing various art forms. There would be emphasizes on presentation of artistic creativity, building a thought provoking experience and inviting dialogues on culture, aesthetics and tradition of visual arts